The first real-time incident command platform that can be used in 5 minutes

Tested On The Field

SaveSarah has proven 42 times that it’s the best mobile incident command app for first responders.

Track Your Team Live

Keeping track of your team members is a key to make the right decisions and keep your team secure.

With SaveSarah your team members can track themselves using any Android or iOS device.

You can follow your team live and give them the right instructions.

Command and Control

Keep track of important points on your mission map with a single tap.

Share meeting points, point last seen, operation base and any other location you want to share with your team.

Team members can submit found clues or hazards that you can see in real-time.

Replay Missions

See what happened, where it happened and when.

Simply press play and your mission unfolds in front of you as it happened.

Mission replay is the perfect tool to analyze missions or close any disputes instantly.

Use Drones Like a Pro

Full situational awareness and a workflow based on standard operational procedures.

Collect and share drone images, videos even while the drone is in the air.

Put images and videos on the map: immediately see which areas have been searched through.

Collaborate with team members

With SaveSarah it is now possible to work with more pilots at the same time. The pilots can fly at the same time, maps can be processed at the same time and all the maps are represented under one operation. This makes it much faster and easier to see all information in a central hub.

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